Policy development promoting access to the knowledge economy

In February 2011, Searchlighter was identified as a subcontractor in a project application made to the INTERREG IVC Programme as supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

INTERREG IVC is part of the European Territorial Co-operation Objective of the Structural Fund policies for the period 2007-2013. The priority chosen by this project among the objectives of the INTERREG IVC programme, with its focus on interregional co-operation, is to improve the effectiveness of regional development policies in the areas of innovation and the knowledge economy, as well as to contribute to the economic
modernisation and increased competitiveness of Europe.

The exchange, sharing and transfer of policy experience, knowledge and good practices will contribute to achieving this objective. By promoting Europe-wide cooperation, INTERREG IVC encourages regional and local authorities to view interregional cooperation as a means of enhancing their development through learning from the experiences of others. This way, the successful experiences gained in the different regions can spread throughout Europe.

Within the priority chosen by the project, a sub-theme covering employment, human capital and education was the focus of the application, finding solutions to social and economic exclusion from the knowledge economy and how good policy practice applying practical solutions might overcome this.

With public authority partners coming from Italy, Estonia, Spain, France and Hungary, the result of the application should be known in June 2011.

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