The Role of Metadata in Discovery – an ITT from JISC

JISC is inviting tenders to conduct a study that investigates the main drivers for patron-driven acquisition of e-books, and the implications for acquiring reliable and useful metadata.

The primary aim of the study as set out in the The Role of Metadata in the Discovery, Selection and Acquisition of e-Books ITT  is to understand the motivations for patron’s  recommending or requesting the purchase of an e-book. Secondary to this, they also seek to identify the role metadata plays in the discovery, selection and acquisition process when driven by the patron, and to understand the role metadata plays in the selection process of the patron.

In addition, they are looking to understand patron discovery behaviour (i.e. Google or Amazon), the availability of metadata, the problems such an approach has for libraries (for example, e-books purchased without library knowledge). The results should supply a number of recommendations for librarians, intermediaries and publishers. JISC is coordinating this with the Publishers and Library/Learning Solutions (PALS) Metadata and Interoperability Group.

Total funding of up to £40,000 (including VAT, travel and subsistence) is available for this project, and the deadline for proposals is 5 May 2011 at 12:00 BST. The successful bidder will be expected to start work on or around 14 June 2011, and the deadline for submission of final deliverables is 13 September 2011.

Good luck!

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