ARTURE – Applying arts and aesthetics in the design of modern furniture

Artistic quality will be crucial for the future success of furniture design – an essential ingredient in the kind of innovation needed to strengthen the competitiveness in the furniture sector. SMEs often lack these artistic and aesthetic qualities in their design departments, which hurts their capacity to sell their products in the market.

Also, Arts students need to increase their skills and competences as applied in industrial settings – through design tools, business techniques, ICT applications, and the regulation of industrial regulation of standards. These capacities will make the students when they graduate far more competitive according to the needs of the current market.

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To address these needs, ARTURE is developing a strategic partnership between Higher Education and Vocational Training centres active in the field of Art and Design for Furniture industry SMEs in order to address vocational-skill mismatches, so leading to a furniture sector in Europe better equipped to apply artistic and aesthetic principles to designs for its manufacturing process.

As outputs gained from this collaboration, ARTURE is developing a set of tools and resources to facilitate exchanges and the co-creation of knowledge that can address vocational skills mismatches in:
• Fine Arts and Design
• Furniture Manufacturing
• Technical Aspects of Furniture Regulation

This strategic partnership will be performed by the development and validation of teaching material based on the principles of ECVET and through e-learning, validating the results towards the conclusion of the project. To this end, specific objectives have been identified and a number of intellectual outputs will be produced. The Partners are currently:
• Defining skill needs regarding the conceptual issues within ARTURE’s aim,
• Designing a Joint Curriculum based on the ‘knowledge pillars’ of (a) Fine Arts, (b) Furniture Design and (c) Furniture Manufacturing,
• Developing a Multilingual cloud-based repository template for placing training material regarding aesthetic design, manufacturing regulation, theoretical concepts of Fine Arts and production methodologies in Applied Arts (this web tool will be developed as a template to provide a transfer of knowledge to other traditional sectors.),
• Creating a cloud-based database template for connecting HEI and VET providers of product design and fine and applied arts to the manufacturing industry. This output will foster a networking framework that can engage the different actors. Also, it will be able to contain data from SMEs active in a range of manufacturing industries,
• Protecting the learning materials under open licenses.

Through this operational plan, ARTURE will ultimately be able to provide the means to eliminate the existing lack of knowledge and skills among the professionals actively employed in the furniture industries through a more direct employment of artists ready to apply the skills as tradespeople engaged in the production processes and the business-side of the furniture industry.

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