Today, it is impossible to escape discussion of the economic crisis and the consequences for future development.

The risks and dangers stalk the Western world and are especially virulent at the heart of European continent, confronting its economic and social infrastructure. It is the crucial challenge of our times, and Searchlighter seeks to address its issues in a collaborative way in order to deliver collective solutions.

Searchlighter believes the key issues for the next decade are uncovered in the EU’s Europe 2020 strategy, and seeks to play a full role in addressing them.

This work demands an approach to development through research and implementation that can deliver the investment in human capital and encouragement for entrepreneurial innovation with an infrastructure to support both of them and a commitment to the cohesion that can make it all sustainable.

The Programmes to support this approach are more or less in place, and will demand a significant increase in responsibility for voluntary groups, SMEs, cities and regions across Europe. Ensuring that these organisations are best placed to fulfil this role is a key issue in addressing the challenges that are all too clear, and Searchlighter is looking to collaborate in these projects to deliver the essential outcomes the times demand.

Searchlighter is well aware that it is not the first organisation to raise these questions. However, the knowledge that circumstances will continue to evolve at breathtaking speed bringing change that cannot be foreseen only makes the urgency underpinning the issues more pressing: so Searchlighter places itself and its experience at their heart.

More details on how Searchlighter is looking to involve itself in the projects can be seen on the CORDIS Profile.