An innovative environment with a robust capacity to deal with change through a dynamic and sustaining cohesion

– Work in partnership for ambitions to become visions that give birth to concrete plans for further work.
– Enact plans so they bring about discernible outcomes that stimulate and support positive change within the sphere of influence.
– Establish the elements within the outcomes that are able to contribute to dynamic cohesion beyond the sphere of influence.

To bring these to life, Searchlighter seeks to:

  1. Participate in the planning, monitoring, dissemination and evaluation process within projects that are ambitious in their vision, knowledgeable about what is achievable, and seek discernible outcomes within their sphere of influence.
  2. Be known for being as skilled, knowledgeable and collaborative as possible in the planning, monitoring and evaluation of projects that are looking to implement the vision instilled by Europe 2020 for a cohesive and positive social environment, both within Europe and beyond.
  3. Continue Searchlighter’s development so it is able to effect the evolution of project-based programmes toward the pursuit of project outcomes according to the sphere of influence as the key indicator of achievement regarding social or economic change.

More information on the scope of Searchlighter’s work is avaialble on the CORDIS site.