Robin Beecroft is the Director of Searchlighter, and is the key person responsible for the services Searchlighter provides, offering skills and expertise in partnership building, project management, and outcome communications.

Robin has worked at Searchlighter since the latter part of 2008 as its Project Implementation Director, offering consultancy and project development and partnership for public, private and non-profit organisations. Robin’s experience allows Searchlighter to collaborate on projects in the detailed planning, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of outcomes, user- and audience-based research, policy analysis and reporting.

Through his project work, Robin works to enable mutual support between companies, regional authorities and third sector groups working with Programmes that support social, economic and environmental cohesion as well as innoovaton in Vocational Education and Training solutions.

He has also been directly involved with the development of database, e-learning and research repositories and the issues that have emerged concerning the dissemination of content and the change towards open access and Open Educational Resources.

Robin brings twenty years in several branches of the publishing industry, fourteen of which have been in academic and scholarly communication. He has worked internationally and managed small teams in the workplace, working directly with Directors of organisations, Department Managers and opinion-formers at a range of levels.

For more information on Robin’s current work and that prior to Searchlighter, consult his LinkedIn site, or his profile available through CORDIS,