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2015 is The International Year Of Evaluation

Posted: 9 January 2015. Tagged with: , , .

The UN Evaluation Group (UNEG) decided to join EvalPartners in declaring 2015 as International Year of Evaluation (EvalYear) at their UN Evaluation Group (UNEG) Annual General Meeting in April 2013. EvalYear was identified as a strategic period where the evaluation community could seek to mainstream evaluation in the development and implementation of the forthcoming Sustainable […]

Applying Morphological Analysis to Enhance Project Outcomes

Posted: 9 November 2011. Tagged with: , , .

Projects often face issues that are both multi-dimensional and non-quantifiable when the subject area of the work is susceptible to complexity in its potential scenarios. At such a time, project coordinators may wish to consider a proven analytical process as a direct answer to the problems such complexity creates.

Stephen Hawking support for Research Computing Strategy

Posted: 15 July 2011. Tagged with: , , .

Professor Stephen Hawking has sent a letter to David Willetts in support of investment in High Performance Computing, sent in line with the initiative coming from the e-Science Forum for a Strategic Plan for the UK Research Computing Ecosystem.

Interactions for Sustaining a UK Research Computing Ecosystem

Posted: 12 July 2011. Tagged with: , , .

There is every prospect now for real development to enhance the computing infrastructure that underpins research in the UK, coming after several years of sound and detailed analysis as to why this is crucial.

Industrial Relations in Plans for Research Computing

Posted: 12 July 2011. Tagged with: , , .

The Strategic Plan for the UK Research Computing Ecosystem brings on a discussion as to who the stakeholders are in this process. Are users ‘first among equals’? When lobbying for change, does the currency of this initiative undermine it if it is seen to be too close to industry?

Open Discovery and a Vision for Innovations

Posted: 27 May 2011. Tagged with: , , .

I left [the event] with a feeling the innovations that have taken place are already in the bloodstream of the emerging generation of researchers, many of whom could be highly influential in research funding in the not too distant future.

The road ahead emerging after JANET’s ‘technical first’

Posted: 10 May 2011. Tagged with: , , .

JANET has delivered a “technical first for UK research and education” by switching up to 100Gbit/s. No one can anyone argue against that, but who will be tomorrow’s researchers using the system to transfer database information and research outputs?

Common Strategic Framework – worth waiting for?

Posted: 15 April 2011. Tagged with: , , .

The European Commission is proposing a smarter way to support researchers through a single, streamlined framework focused on their key ‘Europe 2020’ Strategy. Can this lead to the innovative work the Community wants to see in Europe?

Hyphens, capitals and spaces

Posted: 14 April 2011. Tagged with: , , .

What is the established way to spell a word like ‘eLearning’? Should organisations establish a strict rule? That could be easier said than done: however you think the spelling should be, you might be surprised at what others think…