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Applying Morphological Analysis to Enhance Project Outcomes

Posted: 9 November 2011. Tagged with: , , .

Projects often face issues that are both multi-dimensional and non-quantifiable when the subject area of the work is susceptible to complexity in its potential scenarios. At such a time, project coordinators may wish to consider a proven analytical process as a direct answer to the problems such complexity creates.

Stephen Hawking support for Research Computing Strategy

Posted: 15 July 2011. Tagged with: , , .

Professor Stephen Hawking has sent a letter to David Willetts in support of investment in High Performance Computing, sent in line with the initiative coming from the e-Science Forum for a Strategic Plan for the UK Research Computing Ecosystem.

Hyphens, capitals and spaces

Posted: 14 April 2011. Tagged with: , , .

What is the established way to spell a word like ‘eLearning’? Should organisations establish a strict rule? That could be easier said than done: however you think the spelling should be, you might be surprised at what others think…