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QuestionPro supporting us with our Social Evaluations

Posted: 4 July 2017.

Since mid-2015, QuestionPro has graciously provided their software to help Searchlighter make better decisions than ever. We choose their feedback software because its power makes tracking and analysing critical data both easier and more effective. We can now deliver data more quickly to stakeholders with greater transparency as well as delivering across our organisational influence.

ARTURE Partners Reviewing Project’s Draft Curriculum

Posted: 4 July 2017.

Searchlighter is currently reviewing the Draft Curriculum as one of the ARTURE project’s outputs. We are doing this in conjunction with CETEM, AKTO, UNICERT and Buckinghamshire New University, in preparation for the Pilot due to take place at the end of 2017. To see a summary of the aims being pursued by the ARTURE Partners […]

Revised Erasmus+ Programme Guide published for 2015 Calls

Posted: 9 January 2015.

The third and latest version of the 2015 Erasmus+ Programme Guide was published 14/11/2014, acting as an integral part of the 2015 Erasmus+ Call for Proposals : organisations seeking funding from this Call must comply with the conditions for participation and funding.

Evaluation e-Learning programme in Development Evaluation

Posted: 9 January 2015.

UNICEF and IOCE have announced an introductory e-Learning programme on Development Evaluation. The e-Learning programme is free and open to all interested people as a student may attend virtually from their personal or work computer anywhere in the world.

Horizon 2020 Documents Released

Posted: 1 December 2011.

The Horizon 2020 outline as proposed by the European Commission has been released a document on 30 November for consideration by the European Parliament, The Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions. This is going to be the outline of what will ultimately be implemented for 2014-20 with the final Calls in FP7 coming in mid-2012.

Adaptations in Outcome Mapping to meet the M&E challenges

Posted: 9 November 2011. Tagged with: , , .

Thinking and practice has evolved significantly in recent years around the planning, monitoring and evaluation of social change interventions. The 4-day OM Lab 2012 will be sharing knowledge around the new approaches and discuss their implications.

Reflection by Europe’s regions on the model for an urban fabric

Posted: 9 November 2011. Tagged with: , , .

Several weeks ahead of ‘Rio+20’, Europe’s Committee of the Regions in Brussels seeks to showcase a political commitment to the issues concerning urban development at the 5th European Summit of Regions and Cities in Copenhagen.

How to Measure and Understand Usage / Impact of Digital Content

Posted: 18 April 2011. Tagged with: , , .

How do we go about defining value and impact? Which metrics should we adopt to understand usage? JISC sponsored “Digital Impacts: How to Measure and Understand the Usage and Impact of Digital Content” in May 2011 in Oxford.

Planning for research data management

Posted: 14 April 2011. Tagged with: , , , .

Exploring the principles for data management planning set by the major funders, what these mean in practice for researchers and institutions, as well as how plans are assessed and monitored and their agreed outputs measured.

The Role of Metadata in Discovery – an ITT from JISC

Posted: 13 April 2011. Tagged with: , , .

JISC is inviting tenders to conduct a study that investigates the main drivers for patron-driven acquisition of e-books, and the implications for acquiring reliable and useful metadata.

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