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ARTURE – Applying arts and aesthetics in the design of modern furniture

Posted: 20 May 2016.

ARTURE is developing a strategic partnership between Higher Education and Vocational Training centres active in the field of Art and Design to Furniture industry SMEs to address vocational-skill mismatches, so leading to a furniture sector in Europe better equipped to apply art and design principles to its manufacturing process.

Better-E applies e-Learning in Adult Education

Posted: 19 May 2016. Tagged with: , , .

Searchlighter is currently a full partner in ‘Better e-Learning for All’ (‘Better-E’). The project is developing strategies that can assist NGOs supplying Adult Education to integrate e-Learning into their courses in a form that is usable and accessible for people that may currently be ‘hard-to-reach’ or excluded from the world of IT.

VETAAL – Vocational Education and Training for Ambient-Assisted Living

Posted: 9 January 2015. Tagged with: , , .

VETAAL sought to integrate Ambient-Assisted Living (AAL) systems in furniture to create products that can offer ‘smart’ support for people in the later stages of life or people living with physical disability so they might live independently.

RENOVA – Health Management Training for Nursing Professionals

Posted: 21 April 2011. Tagged with: , , .

RENOVA was a two-year project to enhance training facilities for nursing professionals that will meet the increasing demand for qualifications that go beyond the traditional medical skills.

Policy development promoting access to the knowledge economy

Posted: 20 April 2011. Tagged with: , , .

Searchlighter has been named in a project application to the INTERREG IVC Programme, supported by the European Regional Development Fund. This project looks to enhance social cohesion and engagement with employment and education.

Research and the Scholarly Communications Process

Posted: 19 April 2011. Tagged with: , , .

Searchlighter worked on RIN’s Research and the Scholarly Communications Process project until the end of 2010, creating an online resource on scholarly communications policy and practice.

Pacific Rim Arts and Humanities Research

Posted: 18 April 2011. Tagged with: , , .

Searchlighter completed a project to facilitate new books and journal contributions for a UK-based Arts and Humanities publisher from Higher Education institutions on the Asian Pacific Rim.

IGUALA – a gender equality training package

Posted: 17 April 2011. Tagged with: , , , .

Iguala is a project looking to develop an Internet-based platform to deliver an Equal Opportunities course for teachers and trainers, enhancing education and employability practice in line with EU policy.

Professionals communicating for young people to prioritise health

Posted: 16 April 2011. Tagged with: , , , .

There is a current health challenge to enable young people across the continent to make positive and empowered decisions that will allow them to avoid the intake of harmful substances.

European Competence Network for applying Accredited Prior Learning

Posted: 15 April 2011. Tagged with: , , , .

Accredited Prior Learning (APL) within Lifelong Learning systems is not being utilised effectively, though Lifelong Learning Programme projects have proved that it has great value for participants: a new Network could be set up to address this issue.

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