Commissioned Research

Searchlighter invites proposals to carry out bespoke research covering any area of its interest and expertise

This might be a relatively straightforward consideration of a single issue, or a more complex consideration of strategies, methodologies or policy development being adopted across different agencies.

Such research could cover a range of issues, from project or procedural effectiveness to specific subject areas (i.e. social, economic, environmental, etc) being covered by European or agency-funded Programmes.

It might concern the means by which research, teaching or learning resources are disseminated, or the ease with which different communities can access project outcomes.

Searchlighter looks forward to hearing from organisations that require research to be done into any of its interest areas. Our work across project implementation, research and learning means such a commission may come from many kinds of organisations, including public authorities, regional bodies, SMEs, voluntary organisations, social enterprises, NGOs, professional associations, research funders, research institutes, universities, education colleges, vocational training entities, or other similar groups.