Strategic Consultancy

Searchlighter senses that the speed of change in this field can be daunting when organisations are trying to plan.

The need for any department to think strategically across a range of sectors while taking into account the policy of their institution, and the directions taken by other stakeholder organisations, brings a considerable challenge.

Universities are a case in point, as a Research Office Director may not just have to think about its own policy development but that of the wider institution – and beyond. Project collaboration with bodies distinct from their own ector can raise many different issues that can appear insurmountable and so prohibit involvement in projects where a research institution, private company, regional authority or non-profit organisation would like to contribute.

We are able to offer insight and perspective on the broad landscape that may contribute to long-term solutions enabling the further development of organisations in terms of policy or strategy. We understand the sensitivity of balancing responsibilities, and that is no less sensitive when considering involvement in new areas of work partnership.

Searchlighter looks forward to hearing from organisations seeking this kind of insight into strategic development, including publicly-funded bodies, regional government, private businesses, associations, NGOs, etc to consider this service.